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History of TLHSC

Community Soccer Club

Community soccer is about individuals joining together to bring their passion to life. We live here, we planted roots here, and we want to continue to make Tallahassee the place we love. Tallahassee Soccer Club is community driven, family friendly, and locally supported by design. This club belongs to all of us, and it will take our community working together to make it happen. Join us.


Tallahassee Soccer Club was established in May of 2018. 

In 2019, the club competed in the Gulf Coast Premier League and finished as the Eastern Conference Champion. That year also featured recognitions for Josh Bruno as the Eastern Conference Coach of the Year, Hugo Peruzzi as GCPL Goalie of the Year and Aron Wimberly, Johnny Fitzgerald and Boneco Bazil as members of the Eastern Conference Best 11. The team recognized Hugo Peruzzi as the Fan Voted Player of the Year and the Defensive Player of the Year. Aron Wimberly was recognized as the Team MVP, Boneco Bazil was the Offensive Player of the Year and Michael Seng was the Golden Board winner.

Our 2020 Season was cancelled due to Covid. 

In 2021, we began play in the Gulf Coast Conference of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). We competed up until the final game of the year for a playoff spot, but fell short with our result in Mobile, AL. That season, Joe Peralta was named to the All Region and National Team. Our team awardees were: Johnny Fitzgerald, Member Voted Player of the Year, Cameron Earls, Team MVP, Sy Fontenot, Attacking Player of the Year, Sammy Friedrich, Defensive Player of the Year, Mateus Bitencourt, Young Player of the Year.  

We once again played in the NPSL for the 2022 season, though we did not have a ton of on the field success. Sy Fontenot and Jack Chambers were named to the South Region Team of the Year for the NPSL. Our own season awardees were: Johnny Fitzgerald, Player of the Year, Bosco Pery, Defensive Player of the Year, Sy Fontenot, Offensive Player of the Year, and Andrew Geyer, Young Player of the Year. 

We are looking forward to competing once again in the NPSL Gulf Coast Conference in 2023. 

Our Men's Team overall record is 

From Battalion to Battle Lion

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As Tallahassee Soccer Club evolved from a plan on paper to a vision, creating the right brand became a critical component of the club’s identity. Club Founder and President Chris Petley knew that he wanted to stay away from the Capitol and the colleges. He wanted something to unify all Tallahasseeans, something that would truly embody the entire city and the love we have for it.

He kept coming back to Dale Mabry Airfield.

In 1941, on the location of what is now Tallahassee Community College, the former Dale Mabry Airfield became a World War II-era U.S. Army base. The next four years saw a surplus of land and air military vehicles live at the location, as well as the involvement of over 5,000 people ranging from military. Even the Tuskegee Airmen trained in Tallahassee.

Prior to this point in history, Tallahassee was a sleepy little town. Over 173,000 people move in during the next three years, it changed the women’s college to coed, and it changed the course of where we are.

With an eye on this unique turning point for the city, Petley kept playing with the term ‘battalion’ and eventually settled the Battle Lion as our team’s mascot. That’s what you see on our logo, but that is not the end of the story.

Shortly after revealing the logo publicly, the Dale Mabry Airfield Museum contacted the Tallahassee Soccer Club and revealed the history of the 338 Fighter Group at Dale Mabry Field, whose insignia was a winged lion and their motto was Ad Metam, Latin for "To the Goal."

It is with great pride that the Tallahassee Soccer Club honors this history, for we carry on this motto now as well.

To The Goal!