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Tallahassee Soccer Club

We are a nonprofit, premier men’s soccer team featuring local players who live, study and work here. Funded by our club members, we are focused on representing the best in the City of Tallahassee, Leon County and the Big Bend. Find out more information below, including how to become a member today!

#ToTheGoal #BringtheBattle

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Community Soccer Club

Community soccer is about individuals joining together to bring their passion to life. We live here, we planted roots here, and we want to continue to make Tallahassee the place we love. Tallahassee Soccer Club is community driven, family friendly, and locally supported by design. This club belongs to all of us, and it will take our community working together to make it happen. Join us.

Meet The Team

Get to know our players--your friends, neighbors, coworkers and students.

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