Tallahassee Soccer Club is proud to announce the addition of Hugo Manuel Fernandes Castro Rodrigues, A.K.A “Peruzzi” to the roster.

Peruzzi is a Professional Goalie who played 10 years in Portugal before moving to Tallahassee. His leadership on and off the field will be a tremendous asset to our club.

Peruzzi will not only help guide our team as a player, but his experience as a coach abroad and here locally will help round out Coach Bruno’s assistants.

Sports activity

1998 – today

Athlete (Goalkeeper)
GD Joane (2017/18) – “Pró-Nacional” Braga Region
GD Porto d’Ave (2016/17) – “Pró-Nacional” Braga Region
CD Celoricense (2015/2016) – “1ª Divisão Distrital” Braga Region
Neves FC (2015/16) “Campeonato de Portugal” National
UC Eirense (2011/15) – “1ª Divisão Distrital” Coimbra Region
GR Vigor da Mocidade (2007/2008;2009/2011) – “3ª Divisão” National
AD Poiares (2008/2009) – “1ª Divisão Distrital Coimbra” Coimbra Region
Vitória Sport Club (1998/2007) – Youth National Championships

Winner of Coimbra Football Association Cup (2012/2013).
Runner-up Braga Football Association Cup (2016/2017).
Winner of Braga Football Association Cup (2017/2018).

Coimbra Football Association Team Captain, who participated in UEFA Regions Cup, in Viseu (November, 2013).

Sub-7, GD Joane (2017-2018); Sub-13 UC Eirense (2012-2013), Sub-11, UC Eirense (2011-2012),
Sub-11, UC Eirense (2010-2011).